Safe roads in winter
thanks to esco de-icing salt

Working at esco –
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esco exploits high-quality
rock salt deposits only

From micro fine to compacted grades - esco vacuum salt from European salines

esco extracts pure white rock salt
from underground mines

esco – excellence in salt

Excellent salt for our customers - that is our claim. As long-term and reliable partner of industry, trade and authorities we know our customers and their high requirements concerning product, quality and processes. The trust placed in us makes us both proud and Europe's leading salt producer.

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Our products

esco offers a comprehensive range of salt products for all imaginable uses. The product range includes rock salt and evaporated salt, sea salt and brine.

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Volunteering To Serve the Community: Minister President Dr. Haseloff Presents Mine Rescue Service Badges of Honor

On October 11th, 2017, 10 miners from the esco salt mine in Bernburg and the Zielitz potash plant...


Salt Socks to Combat Cold Feet

People who have chronically cold feet or have caught a cold should try salt socks. This old...


esco salts are certified according to international standards and norms.
Here's our presently held certificates:

EC Regulation Organic Feed & Food
IFS Certificates
NF Water Softening