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New small-scale combined heat and power unit: 40 Cylinders for Bernburg Plant

The esco salt company in Bernburg has installed a particularly environmentally friendly energy system, a state-of-the-art small-scale combined heat and power unit (CHP). The esco and Avacon Natur GmbH joint project supplies...

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esco Saline Cérébos celebrates its 150th anniversary

The esco Saline Cérébos in Dombasle, France, is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. Since its foundation in 1866, which was authorized by a decree of Napoléon III, the site has seen numerous and profound developments and...

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esco Plant Bernburg: Mine backfill in the Nordfeld (north section) goes into operation

The esco salt plant at Bernburg today obtained the mining permit from the State Office of Geology and Mining (LAGB), allowing it to start the backfill operation in the Nordfeld. In collaboration with its partner, AUREC GmbH,...

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SALDORO® Urmeersalz receives Superior Taste Award

The good flavour of SALDORO® Urmeersalz (ancient sea salt) has now also been confirmed by an international, independent expert jury, being awarded the Superior Taste Award for the first time.

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New from esco: Regesoft® dishwasher salt, an international product

esco is marketing a new, international product in the form of the Regesoft® brand of dishwasher salt.

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esco seamlessly GMP+ certified

Since June 2015, esco feed salts have been seamlessly GMP+ certified, i.e. from the extraction, along the entire process chain, including all the usual transport routes, to the customer.

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New items for the SALDORO product family as of April

Two new products will complement the SALDORO product family from April 2015 on.

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