Rock Salt

esco food-grade rock salt consists of pure and natural rock salt and is, therefore, perfect for use in the food industry.

Food-grade rock salt is used for dry applications and is added to the manufacturing process in a solid form. The production of bread, cake and other bakery goods is a typical example. However, food-grade rock salt is also used in certain areas of fish processing and for mixtures of seasonings.

The deposits of esco food-grade rock salt are located in the north of Germany. They are characterized by their naturally high content of pure white salt crystals. This gift from the earth, protected at a depth of 400 to 750 meters, is extracted gently and prepared for the respective area of application.

In addition to the conventional food-grade rock salts, esco also offers a natural rock salt without additives: Natural Crystal Rock Salt. The salt from primeval seas impresses with its wonderful taste and its crystalline structure. Due to its naturalness, esco Natural Crystal Rock Salt is suitable for the preparation of ecological products in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007.