Pretzel Salt

Pretzel salt is a compacted vacuum salt or a rock salt quality with a very narrow grain size spectrum. It is used to season lye pastries, salty baked goods or long-life baked products. In addition to the seasoning effect, the salt also has a decorative character.

The pretzel salt EDELSIEBKORN (ESK) is made of pure rock salt. Due to its special grain size of 1.6-0.8 millimeters, it is particularly suitable for use in long-life baked products, for example in salty snacks, rusks, lye pastries and crispbread. In accordance with the EU Organic Farming Regulation No. 834/2007, it is suitable for the organic food production.

The pretzel salt BÄCKERSTOLZ® is a compacted vacuum salt which is predominantly used in pretzels and lye pastries, e.g. lye sticks and lye rolls. The pretzel salt BÄCKERSTOLZ® is made of pure vacuum salt. Its optimal grain size of 3-1 millimeters is particularly suitable for enhancing the external appearance of baked goods.

Both types of esco pretzel salt are produced without any additives or separating agents.