De-icing Salt

esco de-icing salt is a particularly effective mixture of very pure, fine and coarse salt crystals. While the fine crystals initiate an immediate de-icing effect, the coarser crystals guarantee the necessary long-term effect with thicker ice and snow layers.  

Public buyers in Germany are supplied with de-icing salt by our subsidiary Deutscher Straßen-Dienst GmbH as well as with sodium chloride and magnesium chloride brine.

esco supplies commercial and industrial enterprises with de-icing salt. Private consumers can purchase esco de-icing salt through the retail trade.

esco de-icing salt: pure white rock salt, coarse quality 5-0.2

esco de-icing salt is a mined product that comes from rock salt deposits which were created around 230 million years ago through evaporation of early seas. These deposits are characterized by particular purity.