Quick Drinks Cooler

Spontaneously cooling down a bottle of white wine, rosé or champagne to drinking temperature in the summer? – Refrigerator or freezer compartment are not suitable as short-term solution and besides, the bottle could burst in the freezer compartment. With salt you can bring the bottle down to drinking temperature in a few minutes.

Salt helps to quickly chill champagne and wine bottles to drinking temperature.

How do you do that? Mix salt with ice / ice cubes and water in about equal parts and put in an ice bucket or similar vessel, submerge the bottle in there up to the neck and slightly shake the whole thing once in a while. The drinking temperature will be reached in less than 20 minutes. And by the way, barkeepers call this procedure chilling (cooling to serving temperature).

The whole thing works on the basis of two parallel processes linked to the salt. First, the salt dissolves in the water to a saline solution and, dependent on the salt concentration, lowers its freezing point by up to 21 degrees. At the same time, the ice melts due to the higher ambient temperatures. With both processes the existing structures (of salt and ice) need to be broken up, each requiring plenty of energy. This is withdrawn from the salt-ice-water mixture in the form of energy which results in a clear and fast cooling down. This works until all ice cubes are dissolved. Thereafter the temperature does not drop anymore and the cooling effect on the bottle decreases. 

It is important for the success that the mixture is correct: mix equal parts of water, ice and salt well, so that the reactions can start and run quickly.