Nasal Rinses With Salty Water

Nasal rinses with salty water help to prevent and / or ease colds and flu.

The warm salty water moistens the mucous membranes of the nose and, thus, prevents bacteria from settling in. Existing infections can be eased by nasal rinses because hardened secretion is soaked and washed away, and swollen membranes are going down noticeably.

Also sufferers from allergies to pollen can benefit from nasal rinses: applied in the evening, the salty water removes the inhaled pollen irritating the mucous membranes and remoistens the membranes.

A pinch of standard food-grade salt per 100 milliliters warm water is sufficient for a prophylactic or easing nasal rinse. If you don't have a nasal douche device, you may also use a milk jug, a spoon or the like.