esco seamlessly GMP+ certified

Since June 2015, esco feed salts have been seamlessly GMP+ certified, i.e. from the extraction, along the entire process chain, including all the usual transport routes, to the customer.

Since June 2015, esco feed salts have been seamlessly GMP+ certified

"There is a very complex and time-consuming certification process behind us," summarises Adriane Wellner, who is responsible for Total Quality Management at esco. "esco uses a large number of different transport routes and transhipment points. In addition to us, the service providers used by us have also had to be certified, in order to cover all the links in the process chain. This has increased the complexity and the time requirements of the project even further."

According to Eike Riedel, Product Manager for Feed Salt and Lick Blocks, the need for seamless GMP+ certification was recognised at an early stage: "Our customers have more and more frequently asked for a seamless GMP+ certification including transport routes. esco is well-known in the market for high-quality feed salts, but no one can avoid the documents and certificates which are increasingly required. At the end of 2012, we started the project by touring our production plants and performing an in-depth analysis of the transport methods and routes used to date."

Finally, around 95 main requirements with further subdivisions were formulated, which had to be implemented in esco's administration and at its plants. It was also necessary to hold discussions and consultations with the service providers, who had to be provided with information, in some cases also persuaded, and of course trained. "The main burden was doubtless shouldered by our plants and the colleagues in Supply Chain Management, and – thanks to the excellent collaboration of everyone involved from the start – we managed it, which is fantastic!" says Adriane Wellner.

The result: esco can deliver seamlessly GMP+ certified feed salt from the Borth plant with immediate effect. The certification for the transportation by ship from Wismar for feed salt from the Bernburg plant is expected to be completed by the end of the year.