esco Saline Cérébos celebrates its 150th anniversary

The esco Saline Cérébos in Dombasle, France, is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. Since its foundation in 1866, which was authorized by a decree of Napoléon III, the site has seen numerous and profound developments and changes – both technologically and commercially as well as with regard to the owners or shareholders.

A journey through the history of Cérébos salt shakers with the popular fine salt ("Sel Fin") –

Philippe Couson, President of Saline Cérébos: "What has sustainably strengthened our plant in the course of the decades is, above all, the men and the women who contributed and still contribute to the plant's success story – with pride, enthusiasm and innovation – as well as strong values such as solidarity, team spirit and appreciation."

The celebration series started in April 2016 with the publication of a monthly newsletter, a facebook page, a dedicated website as well as with the participation in a variety of local events together with the City of Dombasle. One highlight certainly was an evening event on the plant's premises with nearly 200 invited guests – employees, pensioners, business partners and other selected guests. The program included guided tours through the saline, festive speeches, a Cérébos anniversary movie and an open-air cocktail dinner. Further activities in celebration of the 150th birthday of Cérébos are planned for the next few months.