esco adds Czech language version to its website

The esco website was complemented by a full Czech language version as well as site profiles of the Czech subsidiary K+S Czech Republic a.s.

"The Czech market is very important for esco," states Steffen Silvestry, Sales Manager Eastern Europe. "The highway  network in the Czech Republic is well developed,, and the need for de-icing salt is generally rather high due to the usually cold winters with frequent snowfall. The salt consumption is even higher than in Germany in other fields of application. As there are no own  salt deposits in the country, substantial volumes of salt have been imported from neighboring countries for many decades already."

The K+S Group to which esco belongs, has maintained an own sales offices in Prague for more than 20 years. In 2012 the production site in Olomouc was added through the acquisition of Solné mlýny by esco. Today both sites operate under K+S Czech Republic a.s.

"Our plant in Olomouc has been receiving and processing mainly rock salt from the Bernburg plant for several decades already," explains Jirí Harenčák, Managing Director of K+S Czech Republic. "From Olomouc, we supply our customers in the Czech Republic as well as in the neighboring countries. Therefore, it was a logical and customer-oriented step to add information about the sites, the brand of Solné mlýny and typical Czech products to the esco website and offer a complete Czech language version."