SALDORO Urmeersalz - ancient sea salt - receives the Red Dot Design Award

Packaging design wins over with striking salt wave

SALDORO – one of nature’s treasures from Germany’s North.

The number of entries was huge, however the decision made quickly: The untreated ancient sea salt SALDORO from the salt specialist esco was honoured with the renowned Red Dot Design Award in the category "Communication Design" for its outstanding packaging design.

The Red Dot Design Award is one of the largest and best known design competitions worldwide with high experience value: Today's Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen has presented the award for the best creations in the world with the help of an international jury since 1954.

Clever design creates high recognition

6,800 different entries from 43 countries competed with each other to get hold of the sought-after prize. SALDORO convinced with its stylish and at the same time striking design of the packaging line which skilfully plays with the cool colours of the North. At the same time, a striking salt wave triggers high association with the product salt.

This design form extends cleverly thought out across all SALDORO products and thus looks after a high recognition factor in end users. You can find more information about the products, pictures for download and videos at www.saldoro.de

Strong salt, strong brand

SALDORO is a brand of esco - european salt company GmbH & Co. KG with headquarters in Hanover. esco is Europe's largest salt supplier. The range of esco food-grade and table salt products comprises rock salts, evaporated salts and sea salts.

SALDORO ancient sea salt is the untreated salt brand with the complete range. You can find the pure, unrefined rock salt from the natural salt deposits of the ancient Zechstein Sea on the salt shelf in different grains, as well as enriched with iodine, fluoride and folic acid. Enclosed and protected by deep rock layers for more than 250 million years, this natural salt is of a particularly high quality.