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New from esco: Regesoft® dishwasher salt, an international product

esco is marketing a new, international product in the form of the Regesoft® brand of dishwasher salt.

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esco seamlessly GMP+ certified

Since June 2015, esco feed salts have been seamlessly GMP+ certified, i.e. from the extraction, along the entire process chain, including all the usual transport routes, to the customer.

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New items for the SALDORO product family as of April

Two new products will complement the SALDORO product family from April 2015 on.

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esco Again at ASTRAD

Austria's biggest municipal tradeshow, ASTRAD & AustroKommunal will be held in Wels for the tenth time on 22 and 23 April 2015 – and esco will, of course, be participating.

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esco adds Czech language version to its website

The esco website was complemented by a full Czech language version as well as site profiles of the Czech subsidiary K+S Czech Republic a.s.

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Salt Shipments via Wesel Town Port: Optimised Logistics Strengthen esco Plant Borth

Since the beginning of 2015, the esco plant Borth has been making use of Wesel town port for salt shipments onto barges. The company has invested a total of approximately eight million euros into this new logistics concept....

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50 years of Borth Salt Works

In addition to the rock salt mine, a salt works belongs to the Borth esco salt plant. It has developed into a firm mainstay of the plant and is now turning 50. The vacuum salt produced there is the basis for an attractive range...

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