Employee health and safety and the protection of the environment are particularly important to esco and to the entire K+S Group.

This also encompasses better networking across national borders or social divides, because we want to learn from each other, improve our communication, share best-practices and continuously develop further in the various areas.

This is visually emphasized by a logo in combination with the slogan "It’s all about life". The logo’s three symbols represent life and what must be protected and kept safe: Our employees and our environment. The person symbolizes an appreciation of life and vitality, and stands for health. The helmet protects people and stands for safety. The leaf symbolizes nature and stands for the environment.

Our goal and the goal of all esco employees is to establish and maintain a safe working environment. Together, we are committed to achieving our goal of zero incidents. We want all of our employees to return to their friends and families healthy and safe after work.

Extracting and processing raw materials means interfering with nature. We are continuously working on keeping the impact as low as possible. It is obvious to us that our production processes must be environmentally compatible and that we must make use of the latest technological developments.

The Company Policy of esco