esco Company Policy

Quality Policy

Building on our scientific, technical and commercial know-how and experience, our aim is to expand our leading position on the European market.

Salt is our core business, in which we invest and which we will continue to develop.

On the basis of existing legal regulations and with regard to social and environmental needs, we responsibly provide top-quality salt products and services that create ever-increasing value for our customers, shareholders and employees.

The quality of our products and services as well as the product safety and the consumer protection are of top priority to us, in particular when it comes to products for pharmaceutical, food and animal feed applications.

Our processes are monitored and evaluated; they are designed to ensure the quality of our products and processes and to improve our quality management system continuously.

The management board affirms

  • that it has implemented appropriate quality assurance and abides by it, and regards this as essential in order to be able to ensure now and in the future product safety for humans, animals and the environment;
  • that it will do all that is necessary to ensure that production conditions of the company, that it runs, always fulfill the legal requirements and comply with standards for salt in the various areas of application;
  • that it is aware of the fact that careful quality assurance is indispensable for preventing any harmful consequences for the buyer as well as for further stages of production and trade;
  • that it will responsibly set up and implement the quality management system by ensuring that within the company, proper foundations are laid for optimal implementation of the required measures and by making quality awareness a high priority for all employees of the company.

Energy Policy

The management board is aware that all activities connected to the development, manufacture and sale of the products directly or indirectly influence the consumption of energy and resources. For many years, therefore, esco has made substantial investments for more efficient energy use and energy saving, and to comply with legal / official requirements.

Energy saving is not only an important activity for our company, it also calls for independent initiative and responsibility. The following basic principles apply therefore as a basis for continuous improvement:

  • We comply with the legal requirements and official obligations as minimum standards. · We pledge to use natural resources economically and efficiently, in particular raw materials and energy. To this end, processes are analyzed and improved with regard to their environmental impact.
  • Improvement of the energetic performance/energy efficiency is to be achieved in stages with the help of suitable efficient technologies.
  • All our employees are concerned with the conservation of resources and the saving of energy. We provide information about our company's special actions to motivate them to think and act in energy-saving ways as part of their activities in their workplace.
  • We involve our suppliers and service providers in our quest for improved energy efficiency.
  • Energy efficiency is continuously being improved thanks to specific energy objectives; the definition of these objectives is kept up-to-date and their effective implementation is evaluated by the management board.
  • All the required information is provided, and the necessary human and financial resources are ensured, in order to achieve the objectives set.

The management board is confident that the systematic implementation of the energy policy makes a significant contribution to the company's success. It regularly assesses whether the energy policy is up-to-date and ensures that it is amended if necessary when circumstances change.

Environmental Policy

Through our activities, we aim to earn satisfactory profits on a lasting basis. The key prerequisite for this is responsible action based on the concept of sustainable development. In a continuous learning process, the balance needs to be found between economic, ecological and social needs in today's society without harming the development opportunities of future generations.

We aim to follow this guiding principle because only by generating sustainable benefit for society can we secure the long-term existence of our company.

In order to achieve these fundamental goals, we are striving for continuous improvement of our products and services, plant safety and environmental protection and health and safety of our employees in the workplace. Our safety, environment and quality management systems guarantee that the work processes are carefully planned, expertly implemented and regularly checked and that deviations are consistently corrected.

All employees are obliged to comply with the legal provisions and operational requirements at all times. These include in particular:

  • Taking into account product, occupational-safety and environmental aspects with regard to the manufacture, storage, transport, sale and use of our products;
  • Minimizing environmental pollution by using resources economically;
  • Partaking in an open dialogue with the public about relevant environmental impact resulting from our company's activities.

The environmental policy is a binding basis for action for all employees. Its suitability is continuously checked and it is amended if necessary.

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