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History of K+S Czech Republic a.s.


The office in Prague commenced operations more than 20 years ago. Under the name of Salz & Kali Handel spol s.r.o, the company was founded in 1991 by the Mitteldeutsche Kali AG in order to market the products of the East German potash and rock salt industry in the Czech and the Slovakian Republic. After the merger of the East and West German Potash producers in 1993, the Salz & Kali Handel spol s.r.o became a member of the K+S Group.

After the acquisition of Solné mlýny a.s. Olomouc by esco, thus its addition to the K+S Group of Companies, both Czech organizations were merged into K+S Czech Republic a.s. in November 2013.

Since the foundation of the Prague office in 1991, the K+S Group continuously expanded its engagement in the Czech potash and salt markets and has become a reliable business partner for public organizations as well as for the industry and the agricultural sector. Particularly when it comes to de-icing salt, K+S Czech Republic has developed into the most important supplier for the Czech and Slovakian winter road maintenance providers.


The salt processing site of Olomouc was established in 1921 under the name of Solné mlýny (SMO), by Čechoslavie, import and export Olomouc limited and the Prague Czechoslovak Legions Bank. Within three years the new salt processing plant was erected in Holice which is a part of Olomouc. The location was mainly selected due to its significant position in the centre of the country.

Back then, Solné mlýny was a large company. It consisted of several buildings, had a private railway siding, and it built its own road, workshops and two residential buildings. Most of all, it had its own mill, packing plant and huge warehouses for more than 20,000 tons of lump salt. It was a unique factory of its kind, equipped with the most modern machines, and it did not have a parallel in Central Europe. It was exclusively driven by electricity, and the plant also had its own water mains. The company started operations on January 2, 1924; therefore, this date is regarded as the beginning of the history and tradition of the company.

The rich history of the company has seen several changes of ownership. Nevertheless, it has always maintained its unique position in the production of salt, a strategic material.

Until 1992, Solné mlýny was state-owned. Then private companies, funds and physical entities took hold of the company via coupon privatization and share dealing. In 2012, Solné mlýny was acquired by esco - european salt company, and renamed K+S Czech Republic in November 2013.

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